Geo Stripe Cosmetic Bag

$ 24.00

Carry cosmetics in style or just keep your dressing area organized with a little retro flair with this multi-purpose pouch. Handmade by artisans living in Afghan refugee camps inside Pakistan, this compassionate project to bring sustainable income to refugees is organized by Zardozi, a Kabul-based group that helps Afghan artisans find markets for their traditional crafts. This zippered bag is perfect for makeup, jewelry, reciepts, and other easily misplaced items.

  • Measures 7-3/4" high x 9-3/4" wide
  • Cotton Exterior w/ a Polyester Waterproof Lining
  • Available in Brown, Orange and Red

Handmade in Afghanistan and fair trade imported.


Zardozi, an ancient form of Persian embroidery, is known for its intricate patterns, which are often inlayed with pearls or other precious stones. While typically associated with royalty, the time-honored art has also inspired a social movement: Zardozi Markets for Afghan Artisans, a Kabul-based NGO that helps artisans and refugees find new markets for their crafts.