Silk Scarf w/ Stripes from Afghanistan

$ 52.00

Welcome this fall with a range of gorgeous silk scarves. Handwoven by artisans, these scarves are made with silk reared, dyed and woven in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, part of the famous silk route was known for its high quality silks. Nasima silks is an effort to revive this ancient, luxurious fabric. Nasima’s beautiful silk scarves aim to support Afghan artisans and their families through consistent work, fair wages, advocacy, counseling and other possibilities to improve their lives.

  • Measures 62” long x 11” wide

Handmade in Afghanistan and fair trade imported.



Nasima Silks

NAS-artisan_2Nasima has been working for years towards the revival of the Afghan silk industry. Once known for its high quality and exclusivity, Afghan silk production has reduced over the years. Nasima works with weavers in Kabul and buys her raw material from Herat. Currently working with a group of 5 weavers and 40 women embroiderers, Nasima Silks is dedicated to creating employment opportunities for men and women in and around Kabul.