Recycled Paper Dragonfly Ornament – FairTribe

Recycled Paper Dragonfly Ornament


$ 11.00

Back by popular demand, the Recycled Paper Dragonfly Ornament brings a colorful touch to your home year round. Handmade in Vietnam from the pages of discarded magazines, this unique ornament provides income for hundreds of artists.

Dimensions: 3 x 3.5 inches


Our recycled paper ornaments provide full-time work for 150 women and men in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Each of these artisans are the sole income-earner in the family. They benefit from full health insurance and access to interest-free loans.  Every month, we help to reuse 3 to 5 tons of old magazines, used brochures and printing paper. The production process combines modern materials with traditional handcraft techniques.