Egyptian Pyrex Perfume Bottles - Various Colors

$ 18.00

From the land of the pharohs, these unique Pyrex Glass Perfume Bottles are each blown and handcrafted by Egyptian artisans in Cairo using a technique that has been used for centuries.

The artists take the glass through a series of steps: including mouth blowing the glass, engraving a design, adding 24 karat Gold trim, painting and finally baking in the color.

The end result is a treasure worthy to hold the finest perfumes and essential oils to improve your emotional and physical well-being. Truely elegant, these timeless treasures are also collectables that can be used to adorn shelves and table-tops in bathrooms and sitting areas alike.

  • Perfume bottle measure 4.5" Tall x 3.5" diameter (at base)
  • Applicator measure 3.5" Long x 1/2" diameter
  • Each bottle holds approximately 2 fluid ounces of perfume or essential oil

Handmade in Egypt and fair trade imported.


Egyptian Glass Museum

All through Egyptian history there is evidence and remains of high quality glass products. Though probably not the inventors of man-made glass, they taught themselves how to produce this substance for their own personal use. Prior to glass blowing techniques, glass was a rarity, and thus it was scarce and highly valued.