Noble Crystal Necklace – FairTribe

Noble Crystal Necklace


$ 34.00

A striking crystal pendant hangs boldly from 14kt gold plated chain in this artisan-made necklace. Each pendant features a clear crystal with 14kt gold setting and measures 1.25 inches. The necklace chain is adjustable from 18 to 20 inches. Handmade in India.


Situated in northeastern India, Jaipur is world-renowned for its rich artisanal heritage.  We're proud to partner with a group of 60 craftsmen and women in Jaipur combining modern designs with traditional techniques since 2003.  Thanks to fair wages and a successful artisan exchange program, the members of this group are thriving and constantly refining their craft. They are proof that artistic heritage and time-honored techniques can blend seamlessly with today's tastes.