Egyptian Teapot Glass Ornaments

$ 19.00

These hand blown Pyrex Glass Teapots are not only a gorgeous ornament but provide that perfect gift for those Teapot collectors out there.

Each Teapot has been hand blown, so designs may vary slightly! Available in pink, blue and clear!

These products measure:

  • Large Pink Teapot - 2.5" Tall x 3.25" Diameter.                      
  • Tall Pink Teapot    - 5" Tall x 2.25" Diameter  
  • Small Teapots      - 2.5" Tall x 1.5" Diameter

Handmade in Egypt and Fair Trade imported.


Egyptian Glass Museum


All through Egyptian history there is evidence and remains of high quality glass products. Though probably not the inventors of man-made glass, they taught themselves how to produce this substance for their own personal use. Prior to glass blowing techniques, glass was a rarity, and thus it was scarce and highly valued.