4 Strand Healing Hearts Stretch Bracelet – FairTribe

4 Strand Healing Hearts Stretch Bracelet


$ 18.00

Brighten up your day with the lively spirit and vivid colors of this elastic bracelet adorned with our signature wire heart. Handmade in Kenya at our own fair trade studio.


Virginia joined Acacia Creations in Kenya in 2009. She is a 26-year old single mother and star of the jewelry-making team. Before joining Acacia, she taught herself to make jewelry and displayed her pieces each week at Nairobi's tourist markets. She now has a steady income and has trained many of our newer jewelry makers.

Acacia Creations has been supporting Virginia's daughter, Rachel, through sales of our Barefoot Bracelets. We're very proud to say Rachel is now at the top of her elementary school class and will soon be heading to middle school!