Product Story: Rediscovering Incense

Product Story: Rediscovering Incense

Burning incense sticks is an ancient tradition in many cultures and for good reason, not only does incense bring beautiful scents into a room or space it also has a calming effect on the mind and body. Add burning incense to any self care ritual or as part of your yoga practice. Enjoy the slow releasing scent or fixate on the gentle, undulating stream of smoke floating into the air. 

Always use natural incense sticks to avoid burning chemicals into the air.

Hand made in Nepal using traditional techniques and all-natural ingredients, the Global Groove Life incense sticks burn for 45-60 minutes. Each package contains 15 sticks in each environmentally-friendly Lokta paper sleeve.


Perfect for gift giving these stunning incense sets are packaged in pretty colored fabric rolls. Available in a range of natural scents including chamomile, Juniper and Cedar. 


Here at Fair Tribe we only carry top quality, natural incense that is handmade in the mountains of Tibet. Pair with a beautiful incense holder that is not only practical but also a joy to look at.




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