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Holiday: Hand carved Wood Tree Ornaments

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Holiday: Hand carved Wood Tree Ornaments

Bring a piece of the animal kingdom to your holiday tree with these hand-carved tree ornaments inspired by the animals of land and sea.

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The jungle animal collection includes Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Zebra and Cheetah. 

Each is carved from sustainably harvested jacaranda wood and painted by hand in Kenya. This talented group of artisans benefit from steady, dignified work and access to interest free loans.

If oceans and river creatures are more you style then the Turtle, Whale, Dolphin and Alligator might be right for your tree!

For a touch of humor and whimsy the safari animals with santa hats is sure to bring a smile to anyone looking at your tree!


This amazingly talented group of self-taught artists bring jacaranda wood to life at their studio in Kajiado, Kenya. A group of 35 men and women carve and paint these delicate pieces by hand.  Each artist receives all of their training on site from current members.